• AbaPlanet

    An educational platform based on the ABA method that includes exercises to learn and practice, a full logging system and a selection of fun activities to motivate your child.

    Normal Version
    PRO Version

  • Receptive Language Exercises...

    To learn new vocabulary, starting with how a word sounds. With a total of 350 concepts and 2,100 images.

    …and Matching Exercises

    To learn new concepts. 4 pictures and 2 drawings of each concept help to develop generalization.

  • Logging

    AbaPlanet allows you to log what your child does and analyze it later.


    A selection of fun activities are included in the app to motivate your child.

  • Powerful and Configurable

    The intelligent expert system and the
    advanced configuration options allow you
    to easily adapt the activities to each child.

  • For Parents

    AbaPlanet allows parents to use preconfigured learning sessions with very little input or knowledge of ABA.

  • For Professionals

    AbaPlanet includes an advanced sessions
    editor, a profile manager, password locking,
    exporting of logs, advanced configuration
    settings and many more features.

AbaPlanet, the most advanced and most complete ABA-based educational platform for tablets

What is AbaPlanet?

AbaPlanet for iPad is an advanced and expandable learning platform based on the ABA method. AbaPlanet includes receptive language and matching exercises to learn 350 basic concepts.

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AbaPlanet is based on Applied Behavior Analysis, a well-known and proven method for people with special needs, such as autism/ASD or learning disabilities. It is also well suited as a learning tool in general.

AbaPlanet includes an expert system that adapts itself to the level of your child, as well as reinforcement activities and a logging system. AbaPlanet is the first app that provides everything that is needed to run learning sessions based on the ABA method in an autonomous manner.

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Receptive Language Exercises

Receptive language exercises consist of showing a selection of images and playing a sound clip with the concept, and your child then has to select the image(s) that correspond with that concept. This is an easy and progressive way to teach your child new vocabulary.

AbaPlanet includes 350 concepts -each with 6 different images- and 16 wallpapers, which together create a powerful tool to develop generalization.

Matching Exercises

In AbaPlanet’s matching exercises, your child has to move an image on top of another identical or similar image.

With these exercises, your child becomes familiar with the concepts represented by the images and -because each concept can be presented as one of 4 pictures and 2 drawings- learns to generalize at the same time.

Reinforcers within the App

AbaPlanet includes reinforcers in the form of activities that are automatically inserted between exercises. This is meant to keep your child motivated without having to switch to another app.

Our reinforcers currently include a whiteboard, a bubble popping game, animated scenes with music, a video player to display local videos on your iPad or YouTube videos.

Full Logging System

AbaPlanet allows you to log what your child does and generates usage statistics and details of the exercises that have not been completed successfully.

The logs can be viewed on screen or can be exported and analyzed separately.

Powerful and Configurable

The intelligent expert system of AbaPlanet automatically analyzes the responses of your child and adapts the level of difficulty of the following exercises in exactly the same way as a dedicated professional would.

Many details can be configured, such as which images to display for each concept to be learned, what reinforcers to use, when these should be given and for how long. AbaPlanet also allows you to add your own additional images to the 2.100 images available with the app.

For Parents...

AbaPlanet is very easy to use, thanks to the wizard that takes you through the initial configuration. A standard configuration is also included with the app. Our app was designed by our team of 20 professionals, who have been working with people with special needs, their families and their caretakers for many years. This ensures that our app is therapeutically valid and well-designed.

Our aim is to improve the quality of life and the education of your child by helping you to know and apply ABA better, by freeing you up from preparing educational materials and logging of results, and more generally by offering a tool that combines learning with fun.

... and for Professionals

AbaPlanet allows professionals to maximize the time dedicated to therapy, by reducing the time you spend preparing materials, and logging and analyzing data. In schools, AbaPlanet helps keeping all children occupied by having each work at the level most suited to them.

AbaPlanet includes a powerful session editor that has been designed to minimize repetitive tasks for the professional, and allows to create or edit sequences of exercises at once. The app also allows to manage profiles of various children, in an an area that is password protected to avoid accidental access by your child.


AbaPlanet is available in english and spanish. Texts and audio clips associated with each concept are also available in Catalan, with additional languages coming soon. In addition, AbaPlanet allows the user to manually change text labels and to add audio clips.


Designed by Professionals

The Planeta Imaginario foundation, an ABA intervention center created in 1998 and creator of AbaPlanet, has infused all its knowledge and experience in this app.

With AbaPlanet, our foundation aims to offer the most powerful and solid educational tool based on ABA available on tablets. As such, we will continue to develop our app by adding new concepts, reinforcers and new exercises that are part of the ABA methodology.


Are You a Parent?

AbaPlanet is a simple but very powerful tool that will adapt itself to the level of your child and will provide countless hours of learning and entertainment.

Learn more about the general features

Are You a Professional?

AbaPlanet offers both intelligent automated work modes based on ABA, and the possibility to define custom exercise sessions based on a wide range of parameters.

Learn more about the features for professionals

Download AbaPlanet Now!

AbaPlanet can be used for free and includes a starter kit with inicial concepts and reinforcers. Additional concepts and reinforcers can be purchased as in-app purchases.


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