AbaPlanet includes everything you need to get started

AbaPlanet can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store and includes everything you need to do Receptive Language and Matching exercises.

The app includes a selection of concepts and reinforcers and that can be expanded by buying additional packs.

Included in the Starter Kit

  • Setup Wizard
  • Matching exercises
  • Receptive exercises
  • Learning and Practicing modes
  • Expert System
  • Custom exercise session
  • Logging
  • Integrated reinforcement system
  • Multiple students support
  • Multilanguage
  • Concepts
  • Reinforcers

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Expandable with additional concepts and reinforcers

Two types of expansion packs are offered for AbaPlanet: Concept packs and reinforcers packs.

18 different concept packs

AbaPlanet offers 300 concepts grouped into 18 categories. Each pack has between 9 and 23 concepts, and each one includes:

  • 4 pictures and 2 drawings to represent each concept
  • parameters that allow to distinguish the color and shape of each object
  • a text label with each concept and its phonetic transcription
  • a list with all related concepts in the app

Each pack also contains a specific background image related to the category, for example a jungle scene related to the animal category.

  • Animals 1

    23 terrestrial and aquatic animals: bear, cat, chicken, cow, crab, crocodile, dog, dolphin, duck, elephant, fish, frog, horse, killer whale, monkey, octopus, penguin, pig, rabbit, seal, shark, sheep, turtle

    Showcase Animales 1
  • Animals 2

    23 terrestrial and flying animals: ant, bee, butterfly, camel, deer, donkey, eagle, fly, giraffe, goat, hamster, kangaroo, lion, lizard, owl, parrot, snail, snake, spider, squirrel, tiger, wolf, zebra

    Showcase Animales 2
  • Appliances

    18 appliances and other electronic equipment: alarm clock, camera, computer, computer mouse, fan, fridge, headphones, iron, keyboard, microwave oven, mobile phone, radio, remote control, speaker, tablet, TV, vacuum cleaner, washer

    Showcase Deportes
  • Bathroom

    16 bathroom objects: band aid, clippers, comb, diaper, dryer, gel, razor, shower, sponge, tap, thermometer, toilet, toilet paper, toothbrush, toothpaste, towel

    Showcase Baño
  • Beverages

    9 beverages: coffee, cola, ice, juice, lemonade, milk, milkshake, syrup, water

    Showcase Bebidas
  • Clothing

    19 pieces of clothing and accessories: bag, belt, bib, cap, clock, dress, glasses, gloves, hat, jacket, jersey, pants, ring, scarf, shoe, sock, suitcase, T-shirt, underpants

    Showcase Ropa
  • Desserts and Candy

    16 desserts and candy: cake, candy, chocolate, cookie, croissant, donut, flan, ice cream, lollipop, muffin, peanut, pistachio, popcorn, soft candy, walnut, yogurt

    Showcase Postres y dulces
  • Fruit

    16 fruits: apple, avocado, banana, cherry, coconut, grape, kiwi, mandarin, melon, orange, peach, pear, pineapple, plum, strawberry, watermelon

    Showcase Frutas
  • Furniture

    14 pieces of furniture and related concepts: armchair, bed, candle, chair, closet, door, drawer, key, lamp, plant, sofa, table, vase, window

    Showcase Deportes
  • Kitchen

    13 kitchen objects: coffee maker, dish, drinking cup, fork, jar, knife, mug, napkin, pan, pitcher, pot, spoon, wine glass

    Showcase Cocina
  • Meals 1

    20 meals: burger, cereals, cheese, chicken, egg, fish, french fries, ketchup, lettuce, macaroni, nuggets, olive, onion, pizza, rice, sandwich, sandwich, sausage, spaghetti, steak

    Showcase Comidas 2
  • Meals 2

    19 meals: asparagus, bread, butter, carrot, corn, green beans, honey, jam, lentils, mayonnaise, mushroom, mustard, pea, pepper, prawn, puree, salad, soup, tomato

    Showcase Comidas 2
  • Musical Instruments

    13 musical instruments: accordion, bell, drum, drum set, flute, guitar, harmonica, maracas, piano, saxophone, tambourine, violin, xylophone

    Showcase Instrumentos musicales
  • School

    17 objects from school: backpack, ballpoint, book, brush, calculator, calendar, chalk, colors, glue, marker, paint, pencil, pencil case, rubber, scissors, sharpener, slate

    Showcase Escuela
  • Sports

    15 objects related to sports: ball, baseball bat, baseball glove, basketball hoop, goggles, golf club, hockey stick, inner tube, life jacket, medal, racket, skates, skis, surfboard, trophy

    Showcase Deportes
  • Toys

    15 toys: bowling, box with shapes, bucket, dart board, doll, dollhouse, domino, gaming console, plush toy, puzzle, scooter, shovel, skateboard, slide, swing

    Showcase Juguetes
  • Parts of the Body

    14 parts of the body: arm, back, ear, eye, finger, foot, hair, hand, leg, mouth, navel, nose, tongue, tooth

    Showcase Partes del cuerpo
  • Vehicles

    18 vehicles and related concepts: ambulance, balloon, bicycle, boat, bus, car, helicopter, helmet, motorbike, plane, row boat, steering wheel, tractor, train, truck, van, wheel

    Showcase Vehículos
  • Showcase Animales 1
  • Showcase Animales 2
  • Showcase Electrodomésticos
  • Showcase Baño
  • Showcase Bebidas
  • Showcase Ropa
  • Showcase Postres
  • Showcase Frutas
  • Showcase Muebles
  • Showcase Cocina
  • Showcase Comidas 1
  • Showcase Comidas 2
  • Showcase Instrumentos Musicales
  • Showcase Escuela
  • Showcase Deportes
  • Showcase Juguetes
  • Showcase Partes del cuerpo
  • Showcase Vehículos

packs numbers and shapes abaplanet

Shapes and Numbers

These packs are similar to the others, but include an extension for the expert system that takes into consideration specific differences of these types of concepts.The Shapes pack includes: triangle, square, rectangle, oval, pentagon, diamond, star, cross, arrow, heart, moon and the at simbol. The numbers pack includes number 0 to 20 and multiples of ten from 30 to 100.

We are working to launch additional packs soon, including letters, colors and emotions. Each of these packs will include an extension for the expert system.


Two packs are available with extra rewards or reinforcement activities. The interactive scenes pack adds 8 new scenes in addition to the 2 included in the starter kit.

The video pack enables you to play videos you have preloaded on your IPad or to stream videos from YouTube, directly from within AbaPlanet (an Internet connection is required for YouTube videos).

reinforcers and videos packs available abaplanet

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Individual Packs and Bundled Packs

The packs with additional concepts and reinforcers can be bought directly from within AbaPlanet using Apple’s standard in-app purchasing mechanism. Packs can be bought individually or as a bundle.

We recommend that you download our free app first and get to know it. From then on, if you are only interested in developing specific areas of vocabulary, then you can buy individual packs, while on the other hand if you plan to use AbaPlanet as a general aid you may prefer to buy bundled packs.

The shapes and numbers packs include a specific expert system. These are more complex concepts and should be taught once your child already has a good base of vocabulary.

In order to keep your child motivated, if you plan to regularly use the reinforcers from within the app, then we recommend that you buy the reinforcers pack. The wider variety of reinforcers will provide motivation for unaided learning for a much longer period of time.

Concept packsConceptsStarter kitPack priceBundle price
Animals 1 23 6 1,99€ / 1,99$ 297 concepts for
19,99€ / 19,99$
Animals 2 23 6 1,99€ / 1,99$
Appliances 18 3 1,99€ / 1,99$
Bathroom 16 3 1,99€ / 1,99$
Beverages 9 1 1,99€ / 1,99$
Clothing 19 3 1,99€ / 1,99$
Desserts and Candy 16 2 1,99€ / 1,99$
Fruit 16 7 1,99€ / 1,99$
Furniture 14 6 1,99€ / 1,99$
Kitchen 13 2 1,99€ / 1,99$
Meals 1 20 6 1,99€ / 1,99$
Meals 2 19 4 1,99€ / 1,99$
Musical Instruments 13 2 1,99€ / 1,99$
School 17 6 1,99€ / 1,99$
Sports 15 3 1,99€ / 1,99$
Toys 15 3 1,99€ / 1,99$
Parts of the Body 14 3 1,99€ / 1,99$
Vehicles 17 3 1,99€ / 1,99$
Numbers 38 6 4,99€ / 4,99$ 6,99€ / 6,99$
Shapes 13 5 4,99€ / 4,99$
ReinfocersPackStarter kitPack price
Interactive scenes 8 2 2,99€ / 2,99$
Videos     2,99€ / 2,99$



This is another app from the LOVAAS foundation and provides exercises for children based on 100 sequences of personal habits, play activity, daily situations and emotions.


AbaPlanet is a free app that includes everything you need to get started.


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