A learning platform based on the ABA method. Powerful and easy to use


A learning platform based on the ABA method. Powerful and easy to use.

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350 concepts and 2.100 images

AbaPlanet currently includes 350 concepts divided into 18 categories: numbers, shapes, parts of the body, clothes, food, drinks, fruits, desserts and candy, kitchen, bathroom, furniture, appliances, school, toys, musical instruments, vehicles, animals and sports. And we will soon add letters, colours and emotions to the list!

With each concept, we have included two audio clips (with male and female voices), 4 pictures and 2 drawings. This adds up to a total of 2.100 images in the app, which provide a great tool to develop generalization.

Receptive Language and Matching

AbaPlanet includes two types of exercises: receptive language exercises: your child hears a voice say a concept and has to touch the corresponding image; and matching exercises: identical or similar images are shown and need to be paired.

Both types of exercises are considered to be fundamental in learning vocabulary and are always a part of any ABA-based intervention.

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Learning and Practicing

Both for receptive language and matching exercises, AbaPlanet offers two modes: Learning and Practice. In the Learning mode, the built-in expert system of AbaPlanet automatically creates series of exercises for your child, to allow him to gradually learn a chosen concept.

In the Practice mode, random sets of exercises are created with all or part of the available vocabulary, or only with the concepts that your child has already learned.

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Expert System

In the Learning mode, AbaPlanet’s expert system creates series of exercises of growing difficulty. The level of difficulty is defined by how many incorrect images are displayed on screen during the exercise and by the extent to which these incorrect images are similar to the correct answer.

The expert system then analyzes the answers of your child and repeats the exercises or adjusts the level of difficulty until the concept can be considered to be learned.

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Token Economy and Reinforcers

The reward or reinforcement activities can appear after each exercise, after a number of exercises or having obtained between 2 and 10 tokens for having successfully completed exercises.

The reinforcers may be leisure activities already included in AbaPlanet, pre-loaded videos from YouTube, or simply images of real world prizes.

exercises parents ipad learning language and vocabulary autism asd

Setup Wizard

AbaPlanet lets you customize a number of aspects of the way the exercises work, enabling you to adapt to the individual abilities of each child. Starting with a typical configuration, our setup wizard guides the adult user through the most relevant parameters.

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Reliable and Based on ABA

AbaPlanet has been designed by a team of professional staff from Planeta Imaginario foundation, an organization with a long experience of interventions based on ABA. This guarantees that the learning method implemented in AbaPlanet is effective and is at the same time a correct adaptation of ABA.

For this reason, AbaPlanet may be used both as an aid to interventions based on ABA, or as a means of introducing this type of intervention for the first time.

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Complete and Self-Contained

Through the combination within a single app of exercises, lhundreds of concepts, a selection of reinforcement activities and a logging system, AbaPlanet offers a complete learning experience.

This opens up the possibility of creating work routines for your child without intensive supervision, freeing up parents and tutors from the necessity to prepare exercises or to be constantly next to your child.

exercises parents ipad learning language and vocabulary autism asd


AbaPlanet is a scalable platform: the free version includes 57 concepts and 4 reinforcement activities, along with receptive language and matching exercises. The app can then be expanded through the purchase of packs of new concepts and reinforcers, according to the abilities and needs of your child.

In the coming months, AbaPlanet will grow with new packs of concepts, more exercises and more reinforcement activities.

exercises parents ipad learning language and vocabulary autism asd

Designed for Your Child

The exercises and reinforcers in AbaPlanet have been designed with your child in mind. The exercise screens do contain any content that might cause distraction, whilst the great variety of images have been selected to keep your child interested.

The reinforcement activities integrated in the application provide an enjoyable break for your child, while motivating him or her with an incentive to carry on. Your child can paint, watch videos, play the piano, play with bubbles or interact with cartoon scenes, without ever leaving the AbaPlanet app.

Typical Scenarios of Usage

  • To set up a session in Learning mode, all you need to do is choose a concept, select one or more images associated with this concept, and decide whether you want a session with 14, 60 or 140 exercises.

    For children with a limited vocabulary or slow learning speed, it is recommended to use 140 exercises, and to start with just one of the six available images. Later the session can be repeated with the same concept, but using a different image. The following step is then to carry out a session which combines a number of images of the same concept.

    For the Matching exercises, it is possible to set the app up to use identical images (an easier option) or to use different images representing the same concept.

  • When your child has finished a session with a low level of errors, having used at least 4 different images, this concept is considered as learnt, and AbaPlanet makes an internal note of this.

    Periodically, we recommend to carry out a set of refresher exercises with the concepts that are considered as learnt. The Practice mode within AbaPlanet has been designed exactly for this purpose.

    In practice mode, the adult can choose whether to work with all of the concepts that are understood, with all the concepts in a given category, or with the complete set of concepts.

  • AbaPlanet allows to personalize the exercises separately for each child by creating different profiles within the app.

    In the main profile configuration screen, the name, language and photograph of your child can be set. All screens in AbaPlanet are available in English or Spanish, while the audio functions are also available in Catalan. Other languages will soon be available.

    In the advanced child profile and reinforcement settings screens, it is possible to adjust many different parameters of the application, the default settings being those recommended as a starting point.

  • Each child profile in the application has a personalized list of reinforcers, which should be set up according to your child’s preferences, in order to provide maximum motivation for your child to successfully complete the exercises.

    AbaPlanet includes a variety of reinforcers. The adult can choose the most suitable ones for your child, and indicate how many times each reinforcer should be offered before passing to the next on the list.

    The advanced configuration of reinforcement enables the user to decide whether the prizes should be awarded after one, two or three exercises, randomly, or using a system of tokens that your child accumulates by completing exercises successfully.


Add-on Packs

AbaPlanet is a free app that includes starter kit with concepts and reinforcers. Additional packs with concepts and reinforcers can be bought from within the app itself.


Science Behind AbaPlanet

AbaPlanet is based on ABA, an internationally recognized methodology to help in educating children with special needs.

More about ABA and how it has been used in Aba Planet

Download AbaPlanet Now

AbaPlanet is a free app that includes everything you need to get started.


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